Asian guys dating latinas

SO OFTEN girls don't understand it's not JUST always about looking pretty.

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Hispanic girls are not often around Asian men in large numbers so they are not exactly first choice in the dating pool. Just not i moved here to the continental US, i heard from a few hispanic girls that they liked asian guys. i find many hispanic women to be extremely hot (along with most other races anyways ) - which is why i never thought they gave us asian dudes a second thought.

I can percieve when a girl may be attracted or interested in me but the approach is another Girls say asian guys can be hard to get but at the same time girls usually don't make the approach.

Asian guys in general are different from most white, black and Hispanic guys, so the way they percieve and would approach white, black and / or Hispanic guys wouldn't work on most Asian guys.

I'm not stereotyping and absolutely don't have any perception of how asian guys are, it's all the way around. If she is close to the universally attractive average (golden ratios, healthy skin, etc) then yes.

I'm interested in knowing them and how they think and are as an individual. I will say this though, Latinas, Argentinians, Brazillians, Columbians and the rest have blessed bums.

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