Intimidating senior slogans

[Updated to add: The official announcement has since been made here] By their very nature, people who are in the country in breach of their entry requirements are not the easiest group of people to track down and profile.

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The only thing I can do is to take the Evening Standard’s word for it – especially given that they are directly quoting a Home Office minister.

Whatever value exists in the basics of Scientology technology is vastly and completely overshadowed by a corrupt and degrading modus operandi imposed by the Church’s senior management.

This operandi operates to the continued detriment of those remaining Church members whose integrity is till uncontaminated. AMWAY: in the last 3 years, the Better Business Bureau in the United States has received exactly 3 consumer complaints regarding Quixtar “Sales Practice Issues”.

“The business can be profitable, but there are more benefits than just money,” she says.

SCIENTOLOGY: After my due care and consideration and a prolonged examination of events, patterns, attitudes and activities within the Church of Scientology over the past seven years, I hereby tender my resignation from this Organization.

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