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Regardless, he messaged me saying he was disappointed that I chose to make the Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup on a day he was gone, and I’ve been forced to come to the conclusion that I’ve made a new man of him– one that is unafraid– no, — to try new recipes that used to be a hard sell.I knew his palate had expanded a lot since we first started dating like half a decade ago, but this one was a shocker.It was just as good as ever, and I also got the bonus perk of being able to smell the nutty squash and fragrant spices as they slow cooked throughout the day.I think, in the future, I’ll stick to the slow cooker method, but if you don’t have one or simply don’t have the time to wait, don’t worry.And even though we’re still experiencing end-of-summer weather here in New Jersey, I’d been patiently waiting for soup season more than long enough.This time around was the first time I ever tried making this soup in the slow cooker, in an attempt to make my already easy recipe even simpler and more hands-off.

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I say “again” because this recipe isn’t a new one for me– not even close.

Apparently James felt the same way, except he wished he was here to eat a bowl of soup as well?

I have to include a question mark because I’m not sure what happened to the man that I used to know who would screw up his face at the idea of any meal that sounded even remotely like it couldn’t be sold at a local pizza place, or who aggressively hated coconut, or who refused to touch squash.

Every time I popped in for a meal, I would complain about the bland and uninspiring version of Indian food we get in France.

"It was on one of these visits that Faz first floated the idea of delivering one to me at home in Bordeaux." Mr Ahmed said: "We thought about it for a long time, he has been coming into the restaurant for 20 years joking that the curries are really bad in France and asking for me to deliver one to me.

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