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There will be no out of pocket cost for patients, regardless of their insurance status.The state continues to see a high number of flu cases and flu-related deaths this season.In this case, it's farmers and people who haul cattle, horses and other livestock.The highway police have held meetings with the public and they've had discussions with individual legislators to assure them that nothing has changed in the enforcement of farm vehicles hauling livestock and rodeo animals.Even in years where the flu shot is not perfect, it is still the best protection from the flu that is available.

Pharmacies also have flu shots available but do not give flu shots to children younger than seven years of age.

Any Arkansan who has not yet received a flu shot can go to the local health unit near them.

The Arkansas Department of Health is reporting 125 flu-related deaths so far this season. It is not too late to get your flu shot this flu season.

All of the proceeds will help provide scholarships to local seniors.

The Arkansas Department of Health is offering free flu shots in all local heath units.

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