Dating a serbian girl

I ran across Bernard Nežmah’s wonderful “Fuck this Article: The Yugoslav lexicon of swear words” (translated from “Ne vrediš ni pola pizde vode!

” in Mladina) shortly after it came out late in 2000 and e-mailed the link to everybody I knew; now that I’ve been reminded of it by aldi at Wordorigins, I’m sharing it with you all.

” There is an old political joke: Do you know where the border between Serbia and Montenegro is?

—It is where you stop fucking mothers and start fucking fathers!

Not only are they well dressed, but Albanian women also take pride in how they present themselves in the public sphere.

You will never need to stress over being embarrassed by harlot-esque actions from an Albanian woman”.

The same gradations are found in the Slovene and Serbian lexicons of obscenities.

She showed that the gradation is the same when the Slovenes say Ni vreden pol kurca!

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I always find hilarious reading topics like “the perfect woman”, “how to seduce a man”, “10 naughty secrets”, ” 30 things to do to a naked man” , “how to land a date”, and so on…

the list gets endless in women and fashion magazines around the globe.

Therefore, looking at the article Would You Date: the Albanian Girl which I found randomly at Elite Daily, immediately triggered funky thoughts. The dating guide to the Elite globetrotting men this time offered pros and cons of dating The Albanian Girl.

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