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“Even when we knew we had it, I made sure to do a few more just because I wanted to sing it again.”Urban called in during the session from California, where he was shooting the “Wasted Time” video, to hear how things were going.

“Even across Face Time,” he says, “I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, she sounds amazing on this song.’ ”Urban and Underwood finally sang it together live for the first time on Dec. 19 on Country Airplay, looking every bit like a no-brainer hit.

is an American country singer, songwriter, and actress.

She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol, in 2005.

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Urban had already worked with songwriter-producers Nile Rodgers (Chic, David Bowie) and busbee (Maren Morris, Lady Antebellum) on “Sun Don’t Let Me Down," and he asked busbee to hop over to London to write at Kensaltown Studios during a three-day stretch. But that title was set aside on day two when Urban found inspiration during his commute.

The melody came first, and it was tailored specifically to Underwood’s range.“I remember grabbing a couple songs of hers off i Tunes and listening to them quickly and looking for a song that was in the same key we were in to see if this was going to be something that really fit her vocal register,” Urban says.

The words to that section were hammered out on yet another day. The album was to be mastered on March 25, 2016, to make the May 6 street date, and “The Fighter” was the only unfinished track. Louis on March 23, so busbee and engineer Dave Clauss flew in to meet her at Smith Lee Productions, a studio that works more often with corporate clients than on commercial recordings.

But transitioning back to the chorus was tricky."The chord progression puts you in a bit of a corner where you can't get out of it," says Urban.

"It's just a cycle that goes over and over and over, and you can’t really deviate much from it." Urban solved that on the pre-chorus in a way that’s quirky for country. But it feels so natural, you wouldn’t even notice typically.”A little pre-planning helped fashion the intro.

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