Hk 94 serial number dating

The modifications consisted of drilling and tapping the receiver on the left side of the receiver and to mount a telescopic sight with mount.

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There are discrepancies here and there in regard to sequential numbering and the associated manufacture/import years, which isn't unheard of, and could be for a variety of reasons not related to misinformation. AI12XXX-10/98-Black L/E box 3 mags, grips say 10-98. - thanks to tomhighway for discovering this) and it will fit perfectly in these P226 models that are in between the oldest and newest.

As most rifles were already manufactured with iron sights for the "m/94 bullet", the aiming correction in mills (how much lower you had to aim to hit the target) was inscribed on the brass disc. 3 means pitting in the whole bore (= unserviceable).

The last sector gives information on the level of bore pitting. 2 means pitting in the groves and on the side of the lands.

(7/99 on grip panels) = Thanks to paddling_man-B295-1XX-AA-2000-Ilaflon finish = Thanks to OTD-B296-913-AA-2000 = Thanks to prowen-B297-XXX-AA-2000 = Thanks to grumpy1-B297-110-AA-2000-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = Thanks to sigmonkey-B309-XXX-AB-2001-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = Thanks to TMan226-B309-64X-AB-2001-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = Thanks to wrutro-B311-3XX-XX-2002 = Thanks to Smilcakes-B317-153-XX-2002-B319-0XX-AC-2002-Zurich Kantonspolizei = Thanks to Udo-B322-XXX----2003-May/03 = Thanks to MVDP228-B324-XXX----2004 = Thanks to cherokee2u-B329-XXX-AE-2004-Kantonspolizei = Thanks to brook724-B330-9XX----2005 = Thanks to buddy Roland-B332-XXX----2005-Kanton Polizei-PW Import = Thanks to velvetschnitz-B334-46X----2005-Nov/05-GOTM = Thanks to jcat-B334-60X----2005-Factory two tone-B336-XXX----2007-Sep/07 = Thanks to Jay Hawker45-B336-8XX----2007 = Thanks to 280nosler-B341-214----2009-Oct/09-Railed = Thanks to MHolland-B350-158----2009-Oct/09 = Thanks to billpocz-B350-2XX----2009-Sep/09 = Thanks to meplat-B350-4XX----2009 = Thanks to 280nosler-B351-XXX----2011-Oct/11-Railed = Thanks to pinbot1966-B352-5XX----2012-MP = Thanks to damdoc-B371-056----2002-Swiss Police = Thanks to fyimo-B573-386----1997-Police contract run = Thanks to dondavis3Sig Sauer P230-S001-150-JD-1983-9mm Kurz = Thanks to elvin-S004-61X-JG-1986-grips stamped 84 = Thanks to Cisco Kid-S009-5XX-JH-1987-SL Stainless-Tysons Corner = Thanks to MILLERJE-S111-5XX-JC-1982-Interarms-380 Auto = Thanks to onequickwrench-S116-XXX-JD-1983 = Thanks to ger42-S116-9XX-JE-1984 = Thanks to tchick-S119-061-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to Si Gagain-S119-2XX-JG-1986 = Thanks to 7DC-S122-XXX-JH = Thanks to TRDoffroad-S125-5XX-JJ-1987 = Thanks to Cisco Kid-S139-5XX-KD-1993 = Thanks to smurph-S142-8XX-KD-1993 = Thanks to 25elk-S148-3XX-KD-1993 = Thanks to 7DC-S151-XXX-KE-1994 = Thanks to barry1967-S030-XXX-KD-1993-SL = Thanks to barry1967-S049-493-XX-1994-11/94 = Thanks to llama 1-S064-4XX-KG-1996 = Thanks to Easily Odd-S066-480-KG-1996 = Thanks to Samthebam-S069-XXX-KG-1996 = Thanks to Arthur Dent-S164-0XX-KH-1997-7.65mm/32acp = Thanks to 7DC-S181-1XX-KH-1997 = Thanks to kcguy Sig Sauer P232-S203-05X-KH-1997-Stainless-S209-XXX-KH-1997-Black = Thanks to dmilbauer-S217-225-KJ-1998-Factory two tone-S260-02X-AE-2004-Stainless-S264-023-AF-2005-Rainbow Titanium finish = Thanks to Growler67-S287-008-Aug/2008 = Thanks to Gary BF-S292-351-Apr/2009 = Thanks to GOOFASig Sauer P239-SA271XX------1996-Feb/96 = Thanks to Belwolf-SA28300------1996-Nov/96-Factory nickel finish = Thanks to sigmonkey-SA4-434XX----1997 = Thanks to Sig Sauer P228-SA-372XX-----1999 = Thanks to arksteve-SA-784XX-----2000-Aug/00 = Thanks to Windchill-SA4-94XXX----2003-Sep/03 = Thanks to Mountain Man-SA106-XXX----2004-Two Tone-SA114-XXX----2006/Feb = Thanks to Iken I-SA115-4XX----2005 = Thanks to buddy Roland-SA4-1043XX---2006 = Thanks to hottierod-SA124-4XX----2007-Jun/07-SAS = Thanks to 7DC-SA124-963----2007-Jun/07-TT = Thanks to Cobra64-SA398XX---AH-2007-PW Arms import = Thansk to 7DC-SA495-1XX----2007-40S&W = Thanks to fyimo-SA4-140-XXX--2008-Jun/08 = Thanks to MT357Magnum -SA140-XXX----2008-Jul/08-SA142-XXX----2009-Mar/09 = Thanks to old medic-SA145-XXX----2008-Oct/08 = Thanks to Wayne_i-SBU002-XXX---2007-Aug/07 = Thanks to Vitali-SBU003-XXX---2007-Nov/07 = Thanks to 1clearshot-SBU004-579---2009-Jun/09 = Thanks to 92Mustang-SBU007-XXX---2009-Sep/09 = Thanks to Aikido007-SBU007-7XX---2010-Jan/10 = Thanks to cjevans-SBU008-XXX---2009-Sep/09 = Thanks to deadhead85-SBU011-XXX---2010-Mar/10 = Thanks to steveinaz-SBU227-237---2009-Sep/09 = Thanks to prowen Sig Sauer P245Thanks to Sig Sauer228 for some of this maintenance-C001-19X-KJ-1998 = Thanks to Sig Sauer P228-C001-395-KJ-1998 = Thanks to 44RUGER-C001-44X-KJ-1998 = Thanks to scuttlebutt-C001-64X-KJ-1998 = Thanks to Udo-C002-3XX----1998 = Thanks to C-Dubs-C005-5XX-KK-1999 = Thanks to nhracecraft-C007-572----1998 = Thanks to yooper35-C007-647----1999-Oct/09-Satin nickel finish = Thanks to sigmonkey-C008-012----1999 = Thanks to Hillbilly Dan-C008-541----1999 = Thanks to Tattooed Brad-C011-10X----1999 = Thanks to Expert308-C011-4XX----1999 = Thanks to Si Gagain-C012-XXX----1999 = Thanks to wildflush-C012-910----1999?

-Grips 98/99 = Thanks to evergreen 1916-C014-059----2008 = Thanks to billpocz-C016-07X----2008 = Thanks to Bacon-C016-2XX----2008 = Thanks to dvdeick-C016-6XX----2008 = Thanks to dvdeick-C016-843-AJ-2008-PW Arms import-C016-886-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = Thanks to kgray01-C016-9XX-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = Thanks to 7DC-C016-914-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = Thanks to elmer Sig Sauer P229Added by request - Thanks to cornman53 for compiling this information.

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