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Harris Yulin as Conrad Kroll is uncharacteristically forgettable.

He is new money, in that his profits seem to come entirely from his drug business, but he is also the establishment as a local developer and politically connected citizen.

During this time it wasn’t just shows like became a major influence on our young minds.

Now, returning to the movie almost 20 years since it came out, and definitely 16 or so years since it was a regular for my buddies and me, the film does not quite hold up.

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The shoot outs lacked tension and they felt flat and obviously fake in a distracting way. While so much of the extremity of the film doesn’t hold up, the emotional connective tissue of it is surprisingly well done.

Mike works for the original owner of the drugs and tries to tell himself that since he does not handle the drugs, he is ‘clean’. It may or may not offend you to know that, as a child growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was not unheard of for my friends and I to “play” at being drug lords.

It was in that awkward time when “play” felt maybe a bit too young for kids of our ripe old age (10–12), but we still did not have access to money or transportation for more teenage adventures.

She is an LA cop working some of the grime infested streets of LA, and these initial sequences of the film have a quality which, at first, I was very excited about.

I was surprised to see that Tom Holland directed the film, and there are quite a few sequences here that remind me of his other work.

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