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Leifang travels to New York, following Jann Lee to a martial art gym.

While trying to spy on him, she bumps into Mila and decides to spar with her to train more.

She later defeats Bass Armstrong after he began attacking bystanders over losing his money at the casino.

After these matches, she finally reaches Jann Lee, who is not really surprised to see her.

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Leifang joined the first Dead or Alive Tournament in order to fight Jann Lee, to prove her worth to him. During her matches of the second tournament, she meets a woman of higher wealth and status, Helena Douglas.She gets ready to fight the clone, but it bursts out of its tube and attacks her, not giving her a chance to get up and fight.As the Alpha-152 throws her, Jann Lee mysteriously appears and catches her.When she finally faced Jann Lee, she tells him while demonstrating taiji quan that her martial art was perfected and that she was ready for their battle to "live in his world".However, Leifang loses again, resulting in Jann Lee retorting, "This isn't the place for you" thinking she is not ready.

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