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Luke says the Annunciation happened “in the sixth month.” This is Elul on the Jewish calendar.

I find it really compelling to put the events of Jesus’ life on to the Jewish and common calendars, because it helps me understand in a more immediate way that Jesus really was conceived and gestated and born in a real place and time to a real woman.

Scary stories about the dangers of radiation keep people tuned in.

Another reason, which lies deeper in the collective psyche, is that this phobia expresses the deep-seated sense of revulsion that Americans feel over the devastation and loss of life caused by the atomic bombs that its country dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Can we say outdated and obsolete and useless and age matters so don’t date people more than 3 years out of your range cuz that makes you a pervert and pedophile and dirty old man? Well just look already at this ancient nonsense: Radon: is a little good for you?

Ugh, must accept homosexuality and lesbianisms and bi-transgender beastialists already you modern times haters! by Janet Raloff 10/15/1988 Risks now associated with low-dose exposures to ionizing radiation hae been extrapolated from effects seen in people exposed to high doses — generally atomic-bomb survivors, recipients of early X-rays, or workers in uranium mines. YOU OBVIOUSLY JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND SCIENCE ANN MY DEAR!

A third, more correctable reason is that the relationship between radiation dose and its biological effects is believed to conform to the “Linear (No-Threshold) Hypothesis,” or “model.” Regulators use this model to predict the number of cancer deaths that low doses of radiation are assumed to cause and then cite these predictions to justify their draconian radiation safety standards.

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People have “radiophobia” — the fear that any level of ionizing radiation, no matter how small, is dangerous. For one thing, the news media fosters it because fear sells. They hint, as a few animal studies have, that it’s possible some radiation may actually be beneficial. The studies, by Bernard Cohen at the University of Pittsburgh, compared U. data on average indoor-radon levels with average lung-cancer rates for the county in which each measurement was taken. Luke records the angel Gabriel using the future tense – “you will conceive in your womb” – which supports my conclusion. In a syndicated column published on the same day that the U. team qualified for the last 18 of the tournament in Brazil, Coulter shared her musings on why the sports growing popularity sums up everything that is wrong with modern America.

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