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So these non-adopted siblings, all of whom have either Korean or African American siblings (including biracial siblings), didn’t have to defend the decision to get involved with the controversy or explain their motivations.

Suffice it to say that these siblings’ narratives covered the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of transracial family life.

Yet in getting involved with interracial friendships and other social networks, these white adults developed sophisticated understandings of race and the ways racism operates.

Their ability to understand whiteness in new ways enabled them to act as more dependable allies to their Korean and black or biracial brothers and sisters.

For example, a few of them reported that they would certainly adopt a child of another race themselves, whereas others said they would do such a thing.

After seeing the heartbreak their parents went through, or the tribulations their siblings of color experienced, these non-adopted siblings had a much less favorable opinion of transracial adoption.

What other issues should be considered when matching lesbian and gay parents with adopted children? When I interviewed white adults who grew up with transracially adopted brothers and sisters, I was very interested to see how they engaged with race.

I wanted to investigate the impact of race and adoption on their identities as white people.

At the same time, as an anti-racism advocate with a long-standing interest in and commitment to ensuring the rights and welfare of children of color, I am very concerned that the issues of race in adoption may be overlooked and overshadowed in the rush to increase LGBT legitimacy and visibility.

I came away from this study of the white sibling experience concluding that we need to help more white folk to become transracialized.

If white individuals are going to adopt children of color, in my view, they should be transracializing like these courageous and knowledgeable allies.

Transracial adoptees need allies who have got their back, who are on their side, who will roll with them when the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan.

So for me, when considering whether a gay or lesbian parent would be a good match for a kid of color, the first thing I ask is, are they white?

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