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In the previous example, if the Instead of referencing a consumer group, a resource plan directive (directive) can reference another resource plan.In this case, the plan is referred to as a subplan.You create a resource subplan in the same way that you create a resource plan.To create a plan that is to be used only as a subplan, you use the consumer group is ignored, and resource plan directives are not shown, even though they are part of the plan.The subplan itself has directives that allocate resources to consumer groups and other subplans.

You can create hierarchical plans with any number of subplans.

You can also grant the to users and to applications so that they can switch their sessions from one consumer group to another.

The database can also automatically switch a session from one consumer group to another (typically lower priority) consumer group when there are changes in session attributes or when a session exceeds designated resource consumption limits.

See "The Types of Resources Managed by the Resource Manager" for more information.

In addition to the resource plans that are predefined for each Oracle database, you can create any number of resource plans.

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