Kristie alley dating black men

I'm Irish, and if I get a big spray tan, I'm not going to look like J. "And Oprah was leaving for her girls' school in Africa right after the show, so she didn't have time to mess around. "Oprah kept saying, 'You look beautiful.'" Indeed, when Alley appeared later in the show wearing a print dress that she'd bought at H&M, Winfrey liked it so much that Alley pulled it off in the dressing room and handed it to her. 'I can arrange that,' he said, but I felt so stupid.

It looked like [the pantyhose] was just going to be a giant mistake...nothing good about it. "She was saying, 'I love that dress, what is that, a Gucci? Wear it in Africa.' And she did."That evening, after the Oprah taping, Alley went out to dinner in Chicago with friends, and a flirty waiter offered to show her the town. It's been waaaay too long," she adds, referring to her dateless condition--and using an entirely unprintable expression for her rekindled interest in the opposite sex Alley is just like your funniest girlfriend, lively and fun and bawdy.

"Please," she says as if reading my mind, "you may gawk." Wearing a black sweater, a short black skirt, and stiletto boots, she looks 15 years younger than her actual age--56--thanks to luminous skin, a cascade of tawny hair, and yes, a slimmer frame. Now that she's done with "bad dudes and bad food," she is ready to date again.

Alley is probably a little north of the 145 pounds she's reported, but even so, she looks fabulous. Her 2005 Showtime series, Fat Actress, galvanized her career, and she's also percolating with new projects.

This, after all, is a woman who described her recent weight gain as tantamount to "having two children stuck on my ass."She's been rejected by casting agents on account of her weight, and for this reason, she says, she can relate to the character she's playing in the TV movie she's shooting here.(It airs next month.) Called And She Was, it's the story of an over-40 Hollywood screenwriter unable to find work because of her age.In desperation, she gets her young car-salesman nephew to pose as a screenwriter and put his name on her scripts. She doesn't like having her wardrobe constantly de-linted. A born nurturer, Alley likes nothing better than to watch movies at home with "eight dogs on the bed, and cats, and children." Nonetheless, she wants you to know that Lillie and True, as she calls her son, "are allowed a maximum of two hours of TV a night."He was always Mc Dreamy, I'm telling you," says Alley, an avid watcher of Grey's Anatomy."I'm not the only person who thought he was Hottie Mc Hotster back then.

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