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In 2008, after a four-year relationship, Ellen married Portia di Rossi, best-known for her role as Lindsay Fünke in “Arrested Development.” Whether they’re lounging together on the couch at home with their four dogs and three cats or joking around at a vegan cafe, this couple is just as cute as can be.

Actress Jodie Foster made a splash at the 2013 Golden Globes when she came out (though she refrained from using the words “gay” or “lesbian”) in her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. The very next year, she made headlines again by marrying actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison, most famous for playing Dylan Moreland in the Showtimes series “The L Word.” Jodie and Alex are a private couple, preferring to snuggle indoors with their dog Ziggy than play the role of celebrity.

Back in 1950, the women met in San Francisco and found they had a lot in common: both were Berkeley grads, bother majored in journalism, and both were interested in political activism.

Though their schedules are tight, this cute lesbian couple always carves out time to spend together.

“I truly love my family, and it’s the best situation I’ve ever been in,” Wanda said.

“I was falling in love with her,” Stephanie recalled, “and I didn’t know how to identify it because I thought I was straight.” The pair felt comfortable teasing each other from the get-go, never taking offense to any joke.

Stephanie said her “aha” moment came when Tig was feeling down and Stephanie automatically reached for her shoulders to comfort her.

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