Islem dating

As of January 2017, he has won 49 international caps and scored 25 goals, making him Algeria's fourth highest all-time goalscorer.

After 18 months, I went to my first mosque and met other Muslims properly for the first time How does a middle-aged, white Scottish man living in the Scottish Highlands end up becoming a Muslim - especially when he hasn't properly met a Muslim in his life?

For me, it all started when I heard the call to prayer from a local mosque while on a beach holiday in Turkey.

It woke something up inside me, and inspired me to begin a spiritual quest. It's quite a scary book to read because it tells you so much about yourself.

Key in all of this, though, is that I questioned absolutely everything – as is absolutely necessary in a religious conversion. You have to listen carefully to your intuition and your heart.

Working through this process took me about 18 months. And I was doing all this on my own, with no-one to help. After those 18 months, however, I considered myself a Muslim.

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