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Unlike other nations, all Air Nomads are born airbenders, due to the high amount of spirituality infused within the culture.Air ball: An airbender can create a compressed ball of air by moving their hands together in a circular motion.Airbenders continually sought spiritual enlightenment, and, as a result, all children born into the Air Nomads were benders.The first airbenders learned their art from the flying bison.

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The force of the attack is generated more from the bender's own power, rather than assisted by momentum.

Air bomb: A technique which creates a powerful, outward-moving air current in all directions around the bender.

Usually performed after landing on the ground from above, this airbending form has great concussive force, and the capacity to completely blow away anything within its radius.

It is also said that the airbenders borrowed the arrow mark from the flying bison for the design of their traditional tattoos.

These markings symbolize one's mastery of the airbending art and are given to a practitioner once their training is complete.

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