Does double your dating really work

Before going crazy on Tinder, the first thing you should do is get opinions from multiple women on your photos.Ask your female friends to pick out their favorites.Pick out a selection you like and start gathering feedback. If you aren’t getting good feedback on the photos you’ve chosen or you simply aren’t getting Matches, ask a friend with a good camera to help you out.Consider doing your informal photo session during the Golden Hour – those minutes before sunset or just after dawn when the natural light is especially flattering.

Then, use the ones that consistently rank the highest.

While it’s hard to paint an exciting and well-rounded picture of who you are with less than 3 photos, it’s also not very common for you to look equally attractive in 6 photos.

Even though Tinder is primarily photo driven, don’t miss an opportunity to intrigue her with your profile text.

That’s literally a split-second decision to swipe left or right.

You need a strong photo – or ideally, more like 3 to 5 VERY strong ones.

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