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Quetelet postulated that one could take the sum of all people's attributes in a given population (such as their height or weight) and find their average, and that this figure should serve as a norm toward which all should aspire.

This idea of a statistical norm threads through the rapid take up of statistics gathering by Britain, United States, and the Western European states during this time period, and it is tied to the rise of eugenics.

These conditions functionally disabled them, and what is now known as the social model of disability emerged.

Coined by Mike Oliver in 1983, this phrase distinguishes between the medical model of disability – under which an impairment needs to be fixed – and the social model of disability – under which the society that limits a person needs to be fixed.

Foremost among these was the development of clinical medical discourse, which made the human body visible as a thing to be manipulated, studied, and transformed. This guide is based on the real experiences of women with disabilities.These women told their stories in the hope it would help others to deal with abuse.You can find advice from other women with disabilities, and read about their experiences of surviving abuse.Service providers can also get advice on how to support women with disabilities.

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