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Dem Höchsten Gott allein' zu Ehren, Dem Nechsten, draus sich zu belehren. After a brief spell in Weimar as court musician in the chapel of Johann Ernst, Duke of Saxe-Weimar, Bach was appointed as organist at St.

Boniface's Church (now called the Bachkirche) in Arnstadt in the summer of 1703, having inspected and reported on the organ there earlier in the year.

Although there are a few important departures, the chorale preludes of the Orgelbüchlein were composed with a number of common stylistic features, which characterise and distinguish the so-called "Orgelbüchlein style:"The brief descriptions of the chorale preludes are based on the detailed analysis in Williams (2003) and Stinson (1999).

The suspirans is made up of intervals of a rising second, a falling fourth following by yet another rising second.

It is derived from the first line of the melody of the cantus firmus and often shared out freely between voices in the accompaniment.

The Orgelbüchlein has a four-fold purpose: it is a collection of organ music for church services, a treatise on composition, a religious statement, and an organ-playing manual.

A further step towards perfecting this form was taken by Bach when he made the contrapuntal elements in his music a means of reflecting certain emotional aspects of the words.

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