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My emotions can take over me in this high-energy, fast-paced environment.

Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old black contestant, explained to Unglert why it was more important for Gaskins to tell Lindsay. The subject came up again on Lindsay's one-on-one date Tuesday with frontrunner Bryan Abasolo, who is Colombian. ABC has never featured so many non-white contestants before Lindsay's turn, sparking years of criticism for ABC's lack of diversity.

I’m not trying to hurt you; I’m trying to win.’ It’s a fantastic mind game.

You have to think.” After a year of living in New York, I think it’s like boxing.

However, it’s not just the bigger dating pool Smith is finding it difficult to adjust to. ‘When you’re surrounded by people telling you you’re great, it’s quite warped and tough.

My team and my mum are strong enough to sort me out if it looks like I’m going to turn into a diva.’ Smith also has to contend with managing his success on both sides of the Atlantic.

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