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Think your more likely to like the bars on the Vikings side of the road.

Confirm this with Mama-san in presence of girl, if possible. Make sure a girl does not order a ‘double’ (P300/400).

Viking Mango, BG’s, Eric the Red, Planet X, and finally “Sisters”.

Now, standing on Viking side of the road and looking across to the other side, you will find, left to right : Jaberwocky (formerly called Pussycats), Dimples (currently … NOTE : These kinds of places fall in an out of favour, on a regular basis.

Only thing is, don’t let Mama-san find out, or the girl is in real trouble. There is a standout Church with tall spires called, ‘Iglesia Ni Cristo’ in Gen Maxillon Ave (aka Mango Ave).

If you were standing on the same side as the Church and look across the road you will find in following order (can change without notice) : Left to right …

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