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Arezoo adds ‘A lot of couples might plan a bigger celebration later with family and others have the whole celebration in Denmark.

Some keep it all low key often in a very stylish and understated way.

It’s even illegal to be with someone of the opposite sex in a private room or car if you’re unrelated.

Holding hands in the street and kissing is also not permitted even when you are married.

It’s said that the police in areas such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi have better things to do with their time than go from door to door checking for unmarried couples living together. There may in fact be many unmarried couples living together in UAE and for the most part, they go unnoticed, that is unless they are brought to the police’s attention by chance, another situation or they’re reported by a neighbour.

Having said that, if for any reason you are caught, you could be prosecuted under the Tawajed clause which can carry a 1 year sentence and deportation. There are many people willing to risk a potential prosecution but for those who perhaps don’t want to hide their relationship, would like to start a family or those who work for companies that wouldn’t be happy to carry responsibility for the actions of their expat employees, marriage seems a better solution.

And though both engaged in sex chat and lured him into sharing defence-related information, Mahima was more diversified with the topics she discussed.

The process can be a lengthy and a confusing bureaucratic struggle involving many offices and rules, which is why so many couples choose to bypass this and get married in Denmark.

The most obvious answers to this question is that it’s easy, it’s quick and marriage here is legal and recognised worldwide.

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