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How do you feel about marrying a divorced women with a child? Im sincerely just asking your opinion on this, because i cant seem to get over it.I loved reading your post and i must say that you r lucky, in a way that u didnt marry that guy.After he spoke with his parents he ended things with me.

(if that was the actual reason behind the parent's rejection). -------------"O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter.What if he was struck by her good looks and didn't give sufficient consideration to difficulties being a "step-parent" and later said, 'sorry this just isn't going to work for me.' Dejection for any reason, weight, age, education or otherwise, isn't pleasant, but there is a "sliver lining" I believe, and that is an opportunity to find the right individual.Yeah, but take heart, he's not the only "fish in the sea" if that's not what he or his family wants, there are others.One,is GOD's perfect law which makes perfect sense.Two,which is man's unperfect law many of which make absolutely no sense.

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