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They are into literature, art, politics and music and also are very well educated.They are mostly tall and adventurous in nature which can be a very positive point in order to keep your marriage exciting.It just looks really dry to me and it needs a good refinish but being a 89 I dont want to hurt any collectibility it may have...Wolvy The "C" series M59/66 rifles (1989) seem to be fairly rare.There are many national parks to visit here and the climate is always sober and chilly which makes it a comfortable place to live in.The people are friendly too which makes it a very war country.There is a large gap between the highest B series M59 and the lowest C series M59. When the 59's were converted, is it common for the original SN to remain on variuos parts? Tritrium night sights with log book dated 1989 (50 rds fired). : DI have an E112xxx model and according to your chart, night sights were not available. If so is there any information for original manufacture dates?

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So if a perfect life partner is what you are looking for, a Yugoslavian bride is you best pick.A few years back I started a survey to collect data on Yugo SKS rifles and log book entries.With some help I was able to come up with a correlation between the serial number letter prefix and the year of manufacture in the logbooks.They are on the edge of my data pool so the production figures may be skewed a bit.I'm not sure that it would gain much of a premium for quite a while. Sometimes cosmoline will darken a stock in one area and not another. I think that the openess (porosity) of the grain in the stock affected how much cosmoline was absorbed into the stock.

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