Liquidating margin

It will also include any person for whom securities are held or carried and to or for whom a member extends, arranges or maintains any credit.

The term will not include the following: (A) a broker or dealer from whom a security has been purchased or to whom a security has been sold for the account of the member or its customers, or (B) an "exempted borrower" as defined by Regulation T of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System ("Regulation T"), except for the proprietary account of a broker-dealer carried by a member pursuant to paragraph (e)(6) of this Rule.

Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Rule, a member may clear and carry basket transactions of one or more members registered as market makers (who are deemed specialists for purposes of Section 7 of the Exchange Act pursuant to the rules of a national securities exchange) upon a margin basis satisfactory to the concerned parties, provided all real and potential risks in accounts carried under such arrangements are at all times adequately covered by the margin maintained in the account or, in the absence thereof, by the carrying member when computing net capital under SEA Rule 15c3-1 and, if applicable, Rule 4110(a).

On any "long" or "short" position resulting from a transaction involving exempted securities, mortgage related securities, or major foreign sovereign debt securities made for or with an "exempt account," no margin need be required and any marked to the market loss on such position need not be collected.

In the case of a joint account carried by a member in which such member, or any partner, or stockholder (other than a holder of freely transferable stock only) of such member participates with others, each participant other than the carrying member shall maintain an equity with respect to such interest pursuant to the margin provisions of this paragraph as if such interest were in a separate account.

The margin which must be maintained in all accounts of customers, except as set forth in paragraph (e), (f) or (g) and for cash accounts subject to other provisions of this Rule, shall be as follows: (5) The minimum maintenance margin levels for security futures contracts, "long" and "short", shall be 20 percent of the current market value of such contract.

(See paragraph (f)(10) of this Rule for other provisions pertaining to security futures contracts.) When a security carried in a "long" position is exchangeable or convertible within a reasonable time, without restriction other than the payment of money, into a security carried in a "short" position for the same customer, the margin to be maintained on such positions shall be 10 percent of the current market value of the "long" securities.

(5) The term "equity" means the customer's ownership interest in the account, computed by adding the current market value of all securities "long" and the amount of any credit balance and subtracting the current market value of all securities "short" and the amount of any debit balance.

Any variation settlement received or paid on a security futures contract shall be considered a credit or debit to the account for purposes of equity.

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