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So, today I want to introduce the two major options you’ll have: Teaching at an eikaiwa (conversational school) or as an ALT (assistant language teacher).Although both involve teaching English, there are some substantial differences and you should be well-informed before you make a decision.Saturday is actually the busiest day for the majority of eikaiwa schools, so you’ll have to work on that day. Generally you’ll have less vacation time than an ALT teacher. Depending on the conversation school you’re working for, you might get national holidays off or not.Some schools are closed on Sun Mon, so at least you’ll have two consecutive days off, but most of the time you won’t! Pretty standard is to get 3-5 weeks off throughout the year, but each and every school is different, so check carefully before signing anything. during the week also means that it’s harder to meet people or catch up with friends.

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While the standard salary is 250,000 yen for eikaiwa schools, you’ll find a few that offer more.

Work at an English conversation school (eikaiwa) almost always requires you to work from noon to late evening, simply because students are coming in after school or work.

Class sizes are small, students are somewhat motivated as they (or their parents) pay for it. All (or at least the bigger part of) the responsibility (preparation, material, lesson plans) lies in your hands.

Normally you’ll also have long vacations, though like mentioned, you might not get fully paid during that time.

I have no personal experience being an ALT and it certainly differs from school to school and city to city, but in most cases, you’ll have a lot of down time in the teachers’ room where you can pretty much do whatever you want.

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