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The accessories will be a rating of the gloves, socks, shoes, and sleeves. I can understand the inclination to want to go back to white numbers after seeing how great White-Black-White looks, but I’m glad they stuck with orange on the new threads because the numbers really pop.This is especially true when the Pokes wear all black.

We prefer when the Irish don their classic navy tops for home games, but even the bright green of the Joe Montana era looks good when paired with that iconic gold helmet (so long as they leave the shamrock stickers in the locker room)." class="ng-star-inserted"Editor's note: This article contains spoilers for the movie "The Elephant Man" (1980).Marching bands have long been a part of the halftime festivities at football games.Some argue the Yankees road grays are the best uniform in sports, but the famous pinstripes are all business, and the interlocking NY logo was lifted from a Tiffany and Co. So even if you loathe the Yankees — and most of us do — it's hard to say there's a more stylish or more iconic sports uniform.The maize-and-blue combination is bold but not overly so, and the famous winged helmet is as iconic as it gets in college sports, regardless of whether or not anyone at the university (or Marvel, for that matter) has every actually seen a wolverine.

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