Celebrate your one year dating anniversary

For example, you can create an anniversary journal in which you each write an entry every year, reflecting on your celebration activities and new memories.You can also do something as simple as a bike ride downtown or buying a bottle of wine that you can save to enjoy on next year’s anniversary.Another great idea is to write love letters to each other that you will open and read on next year’s anniversary, throwing in any hopes or aspirations you have for this next year together.Adding something new to your anniversary agenda will allow you to have some structure to the day and look forward to next year’s celebration. holly If you’ve had a handful of wedding anniversary celebrations with your partner, chances are you’ve gone out for dinner or drinks many times over the past years.Whether it's a moonlit beach or the park where you met, make it extra special by finding a place that means something to you. But if the rest, relaxation, and bliss of your honeymoon feel oh so far away—get out of town. It doesn't have to be as grandiose as your honeymoon (but it totally can be); it just has to be time spent together, and away, making memories as you kick off your second year of marriage and the rest of your lives together. Make reservations at a fancy restaurant or buy tickets for a show for the perfect excuse (not that you need one) to look your best for a night on the town.Chances are the last time you had your hair or makeup professionally done was your wedding day. We're not talking the usual Friday night in with popcorn and wine.

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Photo Credit: Love & Light Photographs One of the best ways to spend your anniversary is by sitting down with your partner to remember and relive the special memories of your wedding day.

It's tradition to eat the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary.

Take that custom to the next level by finding the most romantic local spot you can think of to have your cake.

Whatever you do, don’t allow financial challenges to get in the way of celebrating the wonderful union you share. QUESTION: What are some of your favorite ways to save money while celebrating your anniversary?

## “We’ve been counseling couples and writing marriage books for a long time, and we can say with absolute certainty, there has never been a book quite like The Argument-Free Marriage.

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