What to do when dating a player

I have been friends with a man whose marriage has been unraveling for some time, and his wife recently moved out. His wife is questioning her own sexuality and thinks she may be bisexual (this is her third failed marriage.) He is (was?) rumoured to be having a sexual relationship with an older married woman in town. ) I never ask, but he denies the affair, insists they are just friends & the rumour was started by his wife’s new lesbian friend, who is quite a gossip.Here are 15 reasons why you might actually consider dating a player.Just keep your head on straight while you do, of course!After all, players are only players because they happen to be appealing enough to play all those women... That may be a new way of thinking but hey, it's going to be an interesting time in your love life, you can count on that.There are some good, fun qualities in there along with the chaos.

Anyway, in that email, entitled “You Don’t Want Him Anyway,” I told the story of a client named Alice, who recently fell for a player and had her heart broken. He didn’t want to be the Type 1 player, but didn’t want to commit to you either. The player is always looking for the next challenge. Which is to say that NOBODY gets the player until he has decided (like I did at age 35) that I was ready to stop playing. Would you board an airplane that only landed 5% of the time? So to your point: “Something tells me I am entering a hornet’s nest and something else tells me if I don’t go for it, I will lose my window of opportunity & someone else will snatch him up and I will be kicking myself.” Yes, you are entering a hornet’s nest. But you won’t be kicking yourself, because your player will soon become someone ELSE’S problem. And if you’re not on my free newsletter list, you’re missing out! She works as an analyst for a major government contracting firm. He’s the misogynistic, arrogant jerk you hate more than taxes, but, secretly, you’d bed him faster than your granny could yell “Bingo! Let’s face it: We’ve all wanted him at one time or another.When we find ourselves repeatedly targeted by players, wondering why we end up in the same kinds of dead-end relationship relationships over and over again, here are five steps we can all take to break the cycle and find the love we want and the man we need. We really need to acknowledge the fact that we’re in a cycle in order to change our habits. Save your curious energy for something constructive, like researching why you keep seeking out unhealthy relationships. Trust me, he’ll promptly move on to the next potential victim. Act confident, even when your confidence fails you—but don’t be the extreme!I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that dating a player is rarely your intention.Sure, there are probably some instances where the thrill of the chase prompts you to go after a known player, or you might fall for his charisma, well aware that you're dating someone who very much enjoys playing the field and has a collection of notches on bedposts or belts.

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