Confused dating website

Your "boyfriend" who made an exlusive agreement is in the pond of singles actively looking with new pictures.Its different if people that are in relationships go out to bars and or clubs with their friends.As long as you did your best and you know you didn't do something to ruin the relationship then you dont to worry about it.If he will come he's yours but if not I think it's better to move on. The more you pursue him the more it will push him away. The main thing here is that when someone wants to break up you can't be afraid to walk away. If he knows he lost a good thing, he will find you. Edit: I just realized I replied to a post from 2011. Hopefully my advice will help someone in a similar situation though.We basically went out on weekends but kept in touch by phone and texting during the week. He told me he was breaking up with me and that he doesn't want to be held accountable to me. I had many signals from him that I was important in his life. He is responsible to tell you the truth for you to understand why you need to accept it.At this time it would be better give him time to think what he wants, because if he really loves you he will come back and reach you.

Others have stories filled with confusion and frustration.In any event, I honestly wouldn't be comfortable with it at all either. If only one has agreed then thats not being "exclusive".To me, the purpose of a dating site is to meet someone. That term actually means "We will exclusively see eachother and not entertain other relationships"Until we mutually decide to go foward or not.Yes, they have the chance to meet someone but they aren't actively going for that reason. Don't bother listening to what most people say, always look to their actions to see their intent. He has obviously past an obvious boundary of yours.Now, you think its a trust issue if your girlfriend or boyfriend is going to "speed dating events" or "single meet & greets"? Some people will say anything to avoid a confrontation or protect their naughty activities from prying eyes. If you will not enforce your own boundary then why would anyone bother minding them.

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