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It’s an attractive aroma to the virgin sisters of toil because it’s similar to the secretions they give off when communicating with one another, she explains.

No wonder lemon balm’s official name is Melissa officinalis; Melissa is Greek for “honeybee.” “In the past, beekeepers added lemon juice in melted wax to attract swarms,” says the 52-year-old.

Working at the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, Gounari has agreed to rendezvous with me as I explore the state of bees and beekeeping in Greece.

The Governor of Florida, who was allied with Turnbull, put down the uprising, and three of the rebels were condemned to death. They set up a congregation in a building known as the Avero House, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places in America. The saga of the New Smyrna Colony is an important chapter in American history.

Turnbull’s own wife was the daughter of a Greek merchant from Smyrna.

He believed that pioneers of Mediterranean stock would fare best in Florida’s subtropical climate from among Europeans.

The people of the Mani, then as now, were particularly impoverished, but also particularly desirous of freedom and opportunity.

They joined other Greek settlers, among them Gasper Papi, from Smyrna, and Anastasios Mavromatis, from Melos.

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