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They are given the opportunity to discuss international issues, discover other cultures, develop life-enhancing skills, and make new friends.The program culminates when delegates from around the state meet at the annual Model United Nations Summit in Los Angeles, California.This practice will be discontinued after the New Year.Beginning January 8, 2018 we will no longer loan Chromebooks to students unless the device is broken and is in need of repair.Our loaner policy is not sustainable due to misuse and abuse, non-return of loaners, broken and unrepairable loaners, and the fact that loaning the devices is enabling many students to be irresponsible.Our job is to teach responsibility, and to this end, we are making students and parents aware of this change in practice.

It is the Ross Valley School District's sole middle school for approximately 760 students from our communities' four elementary schools.

Please bring your donations to the office or to room 501 (Ms. They were a huge hit and the kids made over 0 selling the handcrafted items at the C4C fundraiser for the their Adopt A Family. Come out on the 23rd, get your holiday dinner shopping done, help the homeless and support C4C and it’s kids all at the same time! We are honored to be the sponsor of two wonderful families who lost their homes in the recent North Bay fires. This Club will start Wednesday, January 10th and run until May 9th. Kids get to try the club all dates in January before a financial commitment is due at the beginning of February.

Ruzzier’s Art Room) and see the list below for suggested donations. Not only did this project showcase the tremendous talent of the makers, it also made possible a joyous holiday for a needy family. We are doing a holiday drive to make their holidays warmer. A parent information meeting will be held at the YMCA 1500 Los Gamos Drive in San Rafael on Jan 22nd from -.

Thank you for understanding our desire to get the most out of the instructional day.

We have had a practice of loaning Chromebooks to students who forget their device at home or who may have allowed their Chromebook to lose its battery charge.

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