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She, however, has something else in mind and threatens to tell Mom and Dad about my jerk-off stash unless I do what she wants!Crazier still, her wish is to see a real Cock, not just a picture of it in a magazine and it's my cock that she wants to see!Madisin has had enough and tries to sneak out of her window while Freddie was in the shower. In an obsessed panic he grabs her and knocks her out.

She tells you that your going to be home schooled and spend more time together.

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It's a great opportunity for Dixie to get in with the popular crowd at her new school but there's just one problem...

You know mom, Freddie says, I have been so selfish lately, only thinking about my own needs, that I have not even pleasured you. He grabs a magic wand vibrator and puts it on his moms pussy until she cums.

He sticks his cock in her pussy while it is dripping with cum and fucks her doggiestyle.

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