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But instead of being yet another reality show washout, her career got a huge boost when [clip of "Boyfriend" by...] fellow Canadian teen popper Justin Bieber [Rolling Stone article: "Justin Bieber Gives Singer Carly Rae Jepsen a Boost"] called her new song, "Call Me Maybe", his favorite song on Twitter. "I wasn't looking for this." Todd: These are phrases used to describe a passionate whirlwind romance, not a scenario where basically nothing has happened yet.And from there, it spread until everyone was a fan. Todd (VO): The video, which has Carly Rae reading a romance novel and failing to attract the attention of a guy, does a way better job of criticizing this song than I can, honestly, because it is a fantasy.· We Are the World 25 for Haiti · Bed Rock Take On Me · Baby Got Back · Kung Fu Fighting · Come On Eileen · Rico Suave · Achy Breaky Heart · The Safety Dance · Play That Funky Music · Monster Mash · Tubthumping · Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Party All the Time · Closing Time · Me and Mrs.

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So it's not surprising Canadian Idol never made anyone famous, except for, like, this one guy. She came in third and [clip of "Tug of War"] put out an album that didn't really catch anywhere, and for most cases, that's where it would end. Todd (VO): "Hot night, wind was blowing" before you came into my life.[Clips of...] Here's Jimmy Fallon and the Roots performing it on Late Night, and here's Colin Powell performing it too. Right now it's even a popular meme on the Internet. Grumpy-Pants Pop-Hater over here can be counted on to give this song a good thrashing. Todd: [double-checking notes] Sorry, Canadian Idol. Todd (VO): You know, funny thing about American Idol, despite its massive success, it doesn't have a very good track record of turning its [album cover of Taylor Hicks' The Distance] winners into success stories. [Image of The Nostalgia Chick...wearing pigtails] Who? As a wise man once said, "there's nothing wrong with trying to fill the world with silly love songs." But this one's a little sillier than most.Before I blinked, this song turned into the guilty pleasure of millions. I mean, why would he even be doing an episode on it unless he hated it, right? Todd (VO): Okay, before I say anything, you do know I have done reviews of stuff I like, right? Also, I keep telling you guys I actually like pop music; no one ever seems to believe me. But I tell you what, it's got a hell of a better record than its northern counterpart. Todd (VO): Basically it's a song about meeting a guy. I can't find an entry into this because I can't find a way to relate to a teenage girl. Todd (VO): Now keep in mind, I'm well aware of the power of a good crush song.Todd (VO): I'm still hoping that we see more stuff like Adele and Gotye in the Top 10, but there's also a real chance that pop music will look like the cover of [cover of...] Tiger Beat for the next few years. Before now, I didn't realize how adult pop music has been in the years I've reviewed it. Blah Blah Blah · Sexy Bitch · Imma Be · Telephone · Carry Out · Eenie Meenie · Your Love Is My Drug · Alejandro · OMG · The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1987 · Hey, Soul Sister · Cooler Than Me · Club Can't Handle Me · Like a G6 · Deuces · Whip My Hair Top 6 Worst Songs of 2010 (I Didn't Already Cover) · Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2010 · The Time (Dirty Bit) · Tonight...Of course, I'm using "adult" in an extremely relative sense, but say what you want about club music, it does assume that you're old enough to get into the club. Todd (VO): Boy bands are back, Justin Bieber finally has a real hit, and now our new teen princess here. Todd: At what point did the Internet start embracing such embarrassingly girly things as this? Closing tag song: Garbage - "When I Grow Up" THE END"Call Me Maybe" is owned by 604 Records This video is owned by me Todd: [rushing back] Oh, hey, whoa. Yeah, speaking of Canada, I'm gonna be in Canada next month for [all info appears in text] Con Bravo! · Black and Yellow · Grenade · The Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1976 · Firework vs.

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