Dexter strickland dating callie rivers

And I safeguard my health with daily exercise and a healthy diet.

I practice martial arts mainly for the mental discipline involved, but you wouldn't understand that.

No actions taken to prevent further Russian cyber attacks, no enforced sanctions, can't refute the facts in front of me, guys. The page was saying "please tell me if it's true, did you trick him" so the tranny started posting messages on her IG story like "HE KNEW! Mostly everyone is glad he's with a girl who seems nice. She's not trying to look like the kardashian type of chick. Thats why ppl on here isn't mad because we think he really did get a good one.

go ahead and marry him if you claim he's in love with you. She doesn't look like those reality tv wags type of gold diggers. a.b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z NOW EYE NO MY ABC'S NEXT TIME WILL YOU SING WITH ME1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,19,20EYE KNOW EYE SAID 19 TWO TIMES , BUT SOMETIMES EYE SAY STUFF TWICE Well now, , I hate to again dispel another of your misapprehensions, but I'm a retired millionaire.

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They maybe at that hanging out and just enjoying each other company phase. if you know any single, smart, fun, honest & ambitious men in the bay btwn the ages of 26-35, lmk.

Nobody denying anything, youre one who sits on her making up lies.

You don't know for sure what is going on, youre speculating like everyone else but youre stating things as fact as if youre his BFF.

He was the guy that followed Kd last year making that Nike story stillkd Stop responding to this troll of a vet. its not odd for black to be with him thats his yes man. I think kd trust black more than cliff thats why he's still around. I looked up one dude's ig who was trying to get at him and he had a little boy. I saw that tranniy ig story and it could've been anybody he was talking about.

This person gets off by making up these fairy tales and stories like they have inside info. Also they are probably the same sick vet that has been calling him gay and the F word. These dude's look straight but they were holla'n at o boy like he was a girl. Its been over a month now so why would he be posting that up now.

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