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Not to mention that he's very good with comedy." Pratt can play all kinds of funny, from ha-ha to silly to sophisticated to grossly juvenile.He's a man-boy with a comedic physical derring-do reminiscent of the late, great Chris Farley.

He dons a black T-shirt, posing this way and that as Taylor Swift's "White Horse" plays on the sound system.

So when Pratt, 36, then best known as Andy Dwyer, the chubby, endearing village idiot on was the third-highest grossing film of 2014.

Out from under the 50-plus extra pounds, Pratt is a throwback to old-school iconic cool, his big-screen appeal a scramble of young Bruce Willis minus the smirk, a less curmudgeonly Harrison Ford, a taller Steve Mc Queen without the misogyny, and even "Gary Cooper and Burt Reynolds," says director James Gunn.

Chris just seemed like the kind of guy who could communicate with vicious predators.

You have to have a certain stillness and calm and spirituality to be able to do that.", a genetically jiggered interactive theme park with a new headliner, Indominus Rex, whose pinup poster boasts: "Bigger. More Teeth." It's up to Pratt's character, behavioral scientist Owen Grady, to save the day—and tens of thousands of tourist appetizers—from what Trevorrow calls "a serial killer, an unholy beast that needs to be extinguished from the earth."But Grady has his reservations, though "honestly, there were times when I was like, Why wouldn't I just kill it? "And Colin's like, 'Because you like the animals; you don't want to kill them.' I'm like, Uh, okay.

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