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I rarely replay games so you know this one has to be a favorite of mine.This time around however I played the collector's edition so I got to see the bonus game.I had more time to follow the story without having to look for random dolphins or swirls. BUT this game takes the journal aspect and makes it completely awesome. You find various notes, pictures and clues and put them on the board in order to solve the crime.

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Not only that, the items are actually hidden so even though I would usually find this overkill, I actually liked the scenes since it was a true hunt to find the items.Its so rare that sequels live up to the standards of the first game and this is one of them. Very pleased I did,the reviewers were not wrong,this is a good seems you have to buy older games nowadays! Thank goodness you're unharmed, but your memory is still fuzzy, leaving you no choice but to piece the evidence back together, and the evidence is staggering.This developer also did Nightmares From The Deep series which I completely recommend as well. Turns out there have been multiple missing persons reports dating back over the past 80 years!Strangely not many developers copied it like they copy everything else. I can honestly say that this game ranks in my top 10 favorite hidden object games ever.But this feature is what gives the game depth because its a brand new element and its very well done. It feels like a detective cop show with the evidence board. The puzzles in this game were a bit tricky but doable. It blew me away then and still tickles my fancy now.

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