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So this single line causes two different items to be created, a Domains collection, and a Domains object.The benefit of having it this way is that a user of the API doens't need to call Refresh() all the time before trying to access a collection. Script Error: Source: (null) - Error: 80070002 - Description: (null) - Line: 135 Column: 2 - Code: (null)"line 135 contains: Wsh Shell.run(vbs_update_wl)update.....By using a separate thread the smtp session continues within seconds and the long update process is done afterwards. This means that if you execute the following code, the entire domain list is read three times from the database: * 2 times from the database. For this specific script, in larger installations, I guess doing this would improve script performance ~10000% or something.It also doesn't use 100% of CPU capacity any more, because I have added breaks. It's not obvious if you see it from a "API client" perspective, but when you call , the script engine will first execute ob App.This way, trusted email addresses won't be marked or deleted as spam and won't have to wait the delay time of the greylist until they pass the first time.

Virtual gifts can be made to appear or hide on the members profile page.:-\Maybe it's not the issue you see though, since your email messages are still sent.Also, I'm a bit surprised that you see a timeout already after 1500 records.This is from main script.-----------------------------------------If upd = True Then write_log (" execute update") if fs.File Exists(vbs_update_wl) Then Wsh Shell.run(vbs_update_wl) else write_log (" Error, cannot find: " & vbs_update_wl) end if End If--------------------------------------Where in logs it writes "execute update" then stops.

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