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Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment The law prohibits such practices, but there were some reports of degrading treatment, most notably in prisons, during the year.

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense provided an update in 2009 on the status of 23 Sri Lankan UN peacekeepers who were convicted in late 2008 of sexually exploiting and abusing children while they were stationed in Haiti under UN auspices in 2007: 20 of them were discharged, demoted, formally reprimanded, or otherwise punished; and the other three were killed in military action.

A joint HNP-UN report called the killings a grave violation of human rights and urged the justice system to prosecute those responsible.

On May 27, the HNP placed Larack in preventive detention, as it reopened the chief inspector general's investigation and recommended that Frantz Dehonnet, the deputy administrator of prisons, resign.

Elements of the security forces occasionally acted independently of civilian control.

Human rights problems included allegations of extrajudicial killings by Haitian National Police (HNP) officers, findings of excessive use of force against prisoners, overcrowding and poor sanitation in prisons, prolonged pretrial detention, an inefficient judiciary subject to significant influence by the executive and legislative branches, severe corruption in all branches of government, violence and societal discrimination against women, child abuse, human trafficking, and ineffective enforcement of worker rights.

Current and former HNP officers were accused of participation in kidnappings.

The number of reported kidnappings nearly doubled from the previous year.

Officers from the departmental riot control police (UDMO) intervened, killing 12 inmates, while 22 others escaped and scores of others were injured.There were 121 reported kidnapping victims during the year, compared with 66 through October 2009.Gonaives Police Commissioner Ernst Dorfeuille Bouquet, who was arrested and charged for the 2008 kidnapping and killing of Monica Pierre, escaped from the National Penitentiary on January 12, but later turned himself in to police in Petionville.Residents in some areas resorted to vigilante justice.In November and December mobs attacked and killed Vodou (voodoo) practitioners accused of spreading cholera by placing contaminated powder into rivers and waterways.

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